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Relays are primarily used in communications, electronic appliances and equipments.
The relays produced by the Manufacture Group are OEM products authorized by Fujitsu, and widely used in communication area and electronic appliances that commonly seen in our daily life and business practices, for example refrigerators, televisions, air conditioning, microwave ovens, copy machines, and monitors. Basically, products are exported to Japan, America and Europe.
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Expansion of Self-owned Brand

Sinka team is a team that takes care of R&D, manufacture and sales all at once. It is dedicated for the development, design and production of high-quality inductor and transformers. The responsive teamwork and latest technical R&D efforts enable the production of variety of products, satisfying clients’ demands for products that are lightweight, compact, small and pocket-sized. Our products are widely used in electronics, network and communications, and automobile electronics. With the company motto of “active, aggressive and responsible,” we serve our clients with the best available quality and services, and that is the goal we work very hard to achieve. We sincerely hope to make progress and grow with you, and create for you and us the win-win situation of mutual benefits.

At present, our company is qualified for ISO 90001:2000, ISO14001 and TS-16949, as well the certification of SONY Green Partner. As we constantly invest efforts in R&D and provide high-quality products and services, Sinka has already become a brand name that is highly regarded and appreciated among international and domestic major partners.

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