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> Lily Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. (Chunan)

Company Name: Lily Medical Supplies Co., Ltd.
Legal Address: No. 28-2, Shun Jeau Diann, Chunan Town, Miaoli County 350, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Date of Registration: 5 Aug 1999
Business Category: Medical supply retails, medical equipment manufacture
Registered Capital: $64 million NT dollars
Total Amount of Investment: $64 million NT dollars
Chairman of Corporation: Mr. James Chung
Chairman: Mr. James, Chung
General Manager: Ms. Shufen, Tang

Since there are more and more aged people in Taiwan, the demands for medical equipments become more and more diverse.  In response to this, we are working very hard to provide more professional medical supplies with higher quality.  We provide products such as syringe sets, suction catheters, urodynamic bags, T extension tubes, and so on, allowing hospitals to provide best medical care with the product of best quality.

Medical industry is the star of tomorrow.  Our aim is to help domestic medical industry become high-tech and precision industry.  We provide high-quality medical supplies by holding our motto of “honesty, quick service, and care” and “be active, be aggressive, and be responsible.”  Lily Medical Supplies is a medical supply company you can rely on.

1.Business Vision

Medicine is a practice that lasts forever.  It takes from society and gives back as well.  Always bearing serving people in mind, we bring the concept of global village into our practices.  Medical business requires the combination of a medical statement that is safe, no pollution and no boundary and the unison of industrial, governmental and academic sectors.

2.Primary Products/Technologies and Market Superiority
Lily’s primary products are medical tubes and bags.  We focus on tubes that are made of polymer and compatible with medicines, laboratories and medical equipments.  In response to the aging society and the increasing demands for quality of medical care, a good medical supplier has to constantly think how to care people and protect Mother Earth.  This no doubt requires enormous efforts and dedication to achieve such a vision.

Having this in mind, when the market starts to recognize this concept, a trend is formed.  A company that is on the right track will naturally win respect and recognition.  Of course, this requires education to the general public and the right moment (for example, the price of raw materials becomes acceptable.)  Before it happens, it is necessary to target on certain markets.  However, with the rollout of physical characteristics R&D project for materials, every body gives the thumbs up, and as quality and corporate images improve, clients’ orders start to escalate, which just brings out the best in each other.

3.Contribution or Effects to the Industries or Taiwan
With the development of environment-friendly fluid transfusion package, it is hoped that Lily Medical Supplies steps up from a traditional medical device manufacturer and becomes a major player in the production of environment-friendly medical supplies in order to provide the best available services to our international and domestic customers.  We aim to create a new trend in Taiwan’s medical industry by replacing imported products, hoping to break the myth of “imports are better.”

4.Company Merits

FDA certificate, certificate issued by China Government:

Nov 2002, GMP certificate granted
Mar 2003, certified by FDA of the United States
May 2003, CE certificate of EU granted
May 2003, ISO9001 certificate granted
Dec 2003, SFDA certificate of China granted

All these certificates prove that our products meet various national and international quality standards.  With the hard work of company staff in R&D and innovation, the company won two patents in Oct 2003:

a.Structure of dosing and sampling orifices (patent no. 211901)
b.Stop valve for precision burettes (patent no. 211900)

A new patent was granted in R.O.C. in Feb 2004:
a.No-syringe medicine doser (patent no. 218577)

A new patent was granted in the United States in Feb 2005:
a. a. No-syringe medicine doser (patent no. US5655513882)

Apr 2006, ISO 13469 certificate granted

All of the above have helped Lily Medical Supplies improve the professional level and focus on management efficiency and quality system.  We hope that our professional staff will make Lily the best manufacturer of medical supplies with high quality and safety based the business idea of “leading brand, excellent quality, professional team, constant care, attention to detail, and innovation every day.”

1982/08 Lily Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. established

Construction of factory complete; manufacture permit granted from Department of Health for fusion pack, fusion extension, fusion pack for scalp syringe.

1985/06 Order received from 2M/AV Inc. in the United States
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