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About Manufacture Group
Since the establishment of manufacture group in 1991, we have been working very hard to set our feet in high-tech product fields, for example, optical electronics and medical supplies, and we are proud to say we have achieved that.
Background of Manufacture Group
Ever since the establishment of manufacture group in 1991, we have started production of electronic parts and components based on our motto of “be active, be aggressive, be responsible.”
Major Events
Audix provide constant supplies of service that is tailor-made to clients’ demands, show our respect to clients’ core value, fortify our core capabilities, and develop competitive industry advantages in the long run.
Quality Strategies
Our concept for product design is to keep pursuing innovative technology, maintaining leading advantages, and making our product design capability and quality levels fit for the environmental challenges in the future.

Technology and Manufacture Strategies
In response to rapid changes and competition in the market, the manufacture group tries to discover the demands for new application products and develop demand-oriented products…
Business Network Strategies
The convenient business network of manufacture group provides quality service of “our service goes to wherever our clients are.”
Future Prospects
Facing the rapid changes in the industrial society and the competition amongst global counterparts, we keep our efforts in making breakthrough in technical fields, developing excellent staff, improving precision instruments and equipments, exploring greater markets…

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