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Audix, established in 1980, was a semiconductor electronic component distributor and expanded to certification and manufacturing. As of 2009, Audix Group consists of three business groups- electronic component distribution, manufacturing and technique services.

The Sales and Distribution Group focuses majorly on the sales and distribution of electronic components. Audix has been distributing electronic components from brands, including but not limited to, HITACHI POWER, PROTERIAL, HLDS, PTC, FUJITSU, ALPSALPINE, KONICA, NIDEC, ORBRAY, NDK, LONTIUM, TRANSTOUCH, JDI, KOE, KYOCERA, ELECTRONINKS, UCO, TOREY, INERGY, ENERGICTEK, SENCOCH,  TERASILIC, PROLIGHT OPTO and HARVATEK. The customers of these electronic components include Taiwan's major semiconductor and consumer electronic product manufacturers. These components are widely applied in products including laptop computers, optical disks, cell phones, digital cameras, PDA, LCD TVs, LCD displays etc.


Manufacturing Group comprises few companies, and those of them are located in Xiamen, Wujiang, and Miaoli. Two companies in Xiamen and Wujiang produce back light module, relays, transformer, precision mold, plastic injection products, electroplating, and automated machinery. Another company in Wujiang, a joint venture with a Japanese enterprise, produces large-sized CCFL for TVs and monitors.

Technique Services Group, whose locations are in Taipei, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, offers EMC certification, safety standards testing, lab design and construction, and software/hardware development.

Audix, which has been listed on TSES since 2001 and whose headquarter is located in Neihu Industrial Park, totally hires more than 3,000 employees in 11 affiliated companies. The services locations include Taiwan, China(Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, Wujiang, Beijing, and Hangzhou), Hong Kong and Japan. Audix provides various services in different industries. Audix consists of three diversified business groups, and the goal of which is to satisfy domestic and foreign demands from our customers by means of our worldwide logistics, marketing, and manufacturing. Overall, Audix has been promising and obtaining steadily growing revenue.

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