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Competitive Advantages
Competitive Advantages
The Comprehensive Production Lines
Product Manufacturing Sales and Distribution Technical Service
Manufacture electronic components, photonics, precision mold, plastic injection molding products, electroplating, automated equipment, electric plates and medical equipment etc. Provide customized services to clients.   Distribute electronic components from brands including, but not limited to, HITACHI POWER, PROTERIAL, ORBRAY, HLDS, ALPSALPINE, JDI, KOE, KONICA, HARVATEK, FUJITSU, INERGY, IST, TOREY, TRANSTOUCH, NDK, NIDEC, LONTIUM, TERASILIC, PTC, ELECTRONINKS, ENERGICTEK, UCO, SENCOCH, PROLIGHT OPTO and Audix's own brand, SINKA. Provide electronic components to the computer, communication, optic storage, power supply systems, and display industries.   Provide services in safety standard setting, electromagnetic compatibility verification, lab design and construction and software/ hardware development and design. Audix is one of the few IT companies that expand services to verification and manufacturing.


Healthy Financial Structure
Due to excellent services of Audix, and continuous supports and credits from the customers, Audix’s financial structure is healthy and thus the 5-year debt ratio is as low as 36%. Audix also maintains good relationships with several major banks so that Audix has sufficient working capital to expand its scale and provide more services.
As a result, Audix is able to gain trust from bank groups and acquire sufficient capital to expand our services.
Worldwide strategies
In order to provide quality services manifesting “We are where the customers are!”, Audix established various business locations in Taiwan, China(Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, Wujiang and Beijing), Hong Kong, and Japan.
The Enthusiastic Service Team
Provide clients with the best component sales services through experienced and professional staff. Meanwhile, in response to the industry emigration, establish a sales network covering Taiwan, Hong Kong and China for JIT supply and service.
Organized management system

The time of high commodity prices and low profit margins signifies the internal process control mechanisms. Audix Corporation not only regularly reviews its internal control system, but also introduces the tiptop ERP system, effectively minimizing hidden costs and maximizing operating performances at the same time.

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