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Plastic Molding / Mold Development
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Coupler Assembly

The plastic molding department of Audix is based on precision couplers, relays, automobile parts and components, medical apparatus , while the processing of precision parts is also part of departmental operations.  After decades of fast development, we have accumulated abundance of experience in manufacturing couplers, relays , hearing aids and voice coil motor.  At present, we have several high precision grinders from Kuroda, Yasda’s high-precision processing center, CNC dischargers/CNC wire cutters from Mitsubishi/Sodick, and a team of 20 professionals who are specialized in mold design.  We are capable of development and manufacture of more than 15 plastic molds per month.  Our molds depend on not only high-precision processing machines, but also the support from our solid technical capability and high-quality employees for high precision, good quality and quick delivery, which are always our goals that we have been working hard for.

The pressing division of technical department is specialized in the design and manufacture of pressing molds for precision hardware, as well as the production of pressed precision hardware.

Major products:
 1.Precision pressing molds
High-speed Multi-Position Progressive Die, composite molds, forming molds, automatic joint riveting die etc.

2.Precision pressing products
Precision coupler terminals, automobile switch terminals, relay connection riveting terminals, hearing aid terminals, and assortment of adhesive terminals.

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